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About KRC

A leader in airport management consulting

Kent Ridge Consulting Co., Ltd.(KRC) was founded in NUS (the National University of Singapore) in 1998, with more than 80 consultants in the offices of Singapore and mainland China. KRC has long been engaged in professional services in airport, aviation, and established close cooperation with more than 50 airports across the Asia Pacific region.

幸运赛车注册KRC has a profound understanding of the changes and developments in the civil aviation industry. The Aviation Research Center of Kent Ridge consistently studies development strategy of aviation industry on a global scale while serving local clients. By keeping a close track of aviation events, KRC has more operational data of aviation industry than its counterparts.

KRC focuses on and excels in aviation industry, providing a comprehensive range of consulting services including strategy, human resource management, terminal planning & business development, and aircity planning.

Data, only record the past;

Now we are committed to changing the future.  



The No.1幸运赛车注册 brand in the airport management consulting


Over 10幸运赛车注册 years research experience in civil aviation industry


The consulting partner of 40幸运赛车注册 airports across Asia Pacific


Over 70% clients choose to renew their contracts with us