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Cary presided over the Qingdao Airport Group

Project highlights:

In the aviation industry, the use of a unique SAT sector analysis method to accurately form the core strategic positioning of Qingdao airport, the three major domestic and international three major routes to build the line. At the same time in the non aviation business, the depth of excavation of the value chain of the business sector, focusing on passenger demand, passenger mining value, create coverage of "eat, live, travel, shopping and entertainment," the business value chain of the whole cluster.

幸运赛车注册Project introduction:

幸运赛车注册August 2014, hosted by Cary consulting Qingdao International Airport Group's overall business development strategy planning project started. Which lasted more than 3 months, Cary to Qingdao airport group, Qingdao airport with unique resources and advantage, to become the Northeast Asia gateway airport, and realize the secondary growth of main and auxiliary benefit "as the core strategic goal, combing the business chain, dig the potential value of growth space, to complete the business development strategy of future airport 15 years.

幸运赛车注册Cary on Qingdao airport business planning is divided into two parts and non aviation business aviation industry.

Aviation industry planning, including passenger and freight business. For passenger service, Cary consulting believes that Chinese route network has characteristics of high frequency, fully connected with 35 city as the core of the direct ". Research on the long-term tracking domestic route network and the unique "SAT sector" analysis method based on Cary suggestions based on the "Qingdao airport hub in Northeast Asia, Japan and South Korea for the gateway airport location, in the domestic focus on creating three theme routes on international routes are focused on the development of Japan and South Korea, Europe, Russia (Far East), Southeast Asia and other markets, creating three iconic lines.

According to the freight business, combined with the Qingdao airport area resources, product characteristics Cary suggestions Qingdao airport market based on the province, focus on the development of express, fresh and other characteristics of goods, so as to form an effective segmentation and other regional airports, Qingdao airport construction will eventually become "Bohai sea and Northeast Asia express, fresh and other characteristics of goods transshipment center".

In the non aviation business planning, business restructuring in accordance with the three principles: "complete value chain principle, customer collaborative principle, regional coordination principle" and two assessment dimensions - "development space", the main carrier and fit to help the Qingdao airport to re sort the business, logistics, media, industry operation and navigation five business cluster. Through service integration, Qingdao airport will be formed to the main core business resources (business, transportation, media, logistics) as the basis, to extend the airport business other resources based on strategic business (land, real estate funds, etc.) of the non aviation business system, and gradually formed a "value chain, comprehensive" non aviation the business model, to further improve the non aviation business income ratio.

It is particularly worth mentioning is that Cary depth of excavation on the value chain of the business sector, to break the original respective single business, lack of cooperation of the status quo, focusing on passenger demand, passenger mining value, create coverage of "eat, live, travel, shopping and entertainment," the business value chain of the whole cluster.

The project will help Qingdao solid communication between North and south, connecting South Korea "regional hub and gateway airport status, further into the Northeast Asia secondary gateway airport, and continuously improve the airport of main and auxiliary benefits, the next 5 years is expected, the airport passenger volume will increase, non aviation total revenue will be doubled, accounting for the whole airport the proportion of income will increase by at least 8%. Next, Cary consultation will continue to cooperate with the Qingdao airport, to promote the improvement of the strategy planning and implementation.

幸运赛车注册Cary CEO consulting work for the training of senior cadres in Xin Qingdao Airport Group